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Evgeny - Ukraine - it really works


I've had a joy and a blessing of meeting Peter and being allowed to learn from him. He is a genuine yogi and tantrik, who first and foremost walks the talk and embodies the teaching. The most extraordinary thing about his healing practice is that it works. You don't have to believe in anything, nor to buy into any particular mindset of worldview, you don't have to practice yoga nor do you have to be extra sensitive. You will notice that it works because it does, and while it may appear mystical to you, Peter has dedicated his life to it and he knows what he is doing.

Eric - Germany - Reducing a history of anxiety


For the past 30+ years, my anxiety rooted in fears has been a re-occurring theme in life. I have followed Peter for awhile and after learning & practicing with him for a few years online, I choose to look into personal healing with Peter for my deep rooted anxiety. I have experienced long-distance healings for other topics with Peter with wonderful results, but I wanted to have a face-to-face healing for my anxiety history. I visited Peter and after the time I spent with him I immediately sensed a wave of calmness and connection within myself that was deeper than ever before. Things that used to bother me before and create anxiety within, now don't nearly as much and I respond more to life rather than react to life. My visit with Peter was a beautiful experience!

Rodrigo Elizon - Mexico - Impressed with the insight as well as clarity of tought creating peace as a result.


I started watching the youtube videos thru reading some Harish Johari books, that led me to Peter, 2 weeks of watching videos convinced me for a coaching and healing session. Peace as a result as a sooth feeling of tranquility. Rejoining my Self has been a beautiful experience. Thank you Peter.

Anna - Russia - Insomnia


For a long time, I had really bad insomnia - weeks and weeks without deep healthy sleep. After the healing it got better surprisingly quickly, almost right away. There were some other positive things that happend right after - a lot of psychical tension that I used to bear just dissolved. Thank you, Peter, and I'll certainly ask for you help again.

M - U.K. - A Great experience in healing


Found the practical advice very useful, and wise, and accompanied the healing very well. The actual healing experience definitely affected me in ways I can’t exactly explain, except perhaps an upward energy shift. My healing session has brought more stability to my digestion and my attitude. The experience was very positive, and would definitely recommend.

K - Belgium - Acne problem


I came to Peter because I am finding no cure... For more than 15 years I have been struggling with a persistent adult acne. I have tried all traditional medicine, including roaccutane (isocural) treatment, which is considered the most effective for adult acne of all. Only a year after that treatment, rashes of acne always came back on my jawline and stayed, regardless the external effort of applying creams or observing diets. I had 1 healing session with Peter and visible result came in about two weeks or so after it. My very inflamed and painful acne started to subside, calm down and no longer painful. It is not entirely cured yet, but apart from the healing session I did not really change much in my habits or practices, so I believe that the healing helped a lot. I am very thankful to Peter and I hope gradually I will be able to heal fully.

Stijn van gorp - Belgium - Reducing a history of anxiety


For a while i was suffering from general anxiety and Panic attacks. It was a heavy weight on my shoulders which i was carrying with me. Anxiety paralised me and it shut down my openness and my feeling of groundedness or safety... So i asked Peter for help. It is now the 4th time i was visiting him. It was always a very interesting transformational experience. Every time i thought i needed some help from the outside i asked him for help. So this time i was having a hard time because of my panic attacks and i really thought i could use some help. Before i came to Peter, i was suffering from it every day. We had an interesting chat and we talked about my anxiety. After that it is time for the fireritual. It is always quiet an experience. I felt very Alive when i was in the tipi with him. I could feel that there was a lot of energy in that place. It felt like a warm Sacred space to be in. When the ritual is over it always leaves an impression on you. It feels like you have experienced something special. It is not always easy to comprehend what has happend, but that is not so important. It Will have An effect on your Being. After that experience i felt a weird shift in my Being. I didnt had any Panic attacks since then. I felt new energy and that was a little bit weird in the beginning. Normally i was having strong feelings and i got scared. Now i still have strong feelings, but i don't become scared. I stay strong and close to myself. I'm very thankful for the help i got from Peter in the times i needed it the most.

Dagda - Belgium - Divine Support


I am eternally grateful for the healing Peter has sent my family and I. I have been practicing meditation for nearly ten years now and Asana for longer. It just seemed at times that I, after all the work I do for my betterment on a daily basis; there was a certain aspect that I failed to grasp. Ofcourse meditation has its merits and it must be practiced daily, yet i seemed that I was missing some important thread of my practice, and yes I have steadily grown over the past several years, however I was still bitter and unforgiving of the world and those I knew best. I know in my heart that Peter helped me move forward, and not just myself but those around me we certainly influenced in a powerful and good manner. I have worked with some of the best healers on the planet, and I know in the core of my being that he is one of the sincere and honest healers on this plane....thank youy good friend, namaste.

Sterre - Belgium - Unieke belevenis


Ik had niet echt een probleem. Wou een healing meemaken en weten hoe het met mijn energie zat. Het is een hele beleving. Super dankbaar dit te kunnen meemaken. Het gevolg is een verruimd bewustzijn. Vroeger wist ik nooit waarover ik ‘s nachts droomde. Sindsdien weet ik waarmee ik elke nacht bezig ben.

Denise - U.S.A. - Healed more than I thought was possible


I met with Peter for the first time, in a meet and greet skype meeting. What a delight it was to chat with him. I have been normally quite uncomfortable interacting with people in general, and yet the way he spoke to me, made me feel completely at ease to be myself. He asked me all about my questions, and about my health, and I noticed he was listening very carefully as I spoke. He imparted a great deal of information and advice that I later applied, and would soon discover how it would all work for me in measurable ways. Then, to my surprise, he said he would do a distance healing as well. I was not expecting this. The rapid change I have experienced is real and measurable. I'm in awe about this. I had been experiencing a huge kind of block in my energy field for decades. I felt dissociated, and as though half of me was out of commission, and I suffered from chronic fatigue. What I didn't tell him was that I have kept myself socially isolated since I had also completely lost the capacity for that. It has only been a week and a half since the healing, and I feel like my old self, only better. I know this change is real because I feel the excited bit of anxiety that is normal when change happens, which is another thing I haven't felt for decades. Peter anticipated this, and already set me up to manage the changes to my mind, emotions and body. And there have been many. These are the kind of changes that I couldn't manage myself with all the self-help, therapy, diets, meditation, spirituality and exercises I had been trying over the years. While I may have gained some small improvements here and there, I now see that what I most needed was not to be found in a self help book, positive affirmation or even a silent mind. It turns out I had some very negative energy attached to me for a very long time, and it needed to be healed and released. I thought the whole world was dark, but it was just something shrouding me and weighing me down with the weight of an anvil. After this healing done by Peter, I have been suddenly, and naturally connecting and socializing with others. My enjoyment and affection for people and children is back. I actually feel empathy again. My mind is getting creative visions and ideas. I pulled out my guitar, and paints. I cleaned, organized, and decorated for the holidays. I catch myself with simple cheerful thoughts, and feelings of looking forward to everyday things, and keep catching myself smiling or singing for no reason. My energy is back too. I keep feeling like I need to go for a hike or swim. I also noticed that most of my sentences start with 'I feel', rather than 'I think'. None of this was remotely possible just two weeks ago, and for too many years to count. And here all I thought we were going to do in the meet and greet was have a little chat to get to know each other. By the way, he told me he was going to do the gentle version of healing for me, which is the part that puts me in awe, because I feel that I will be processing the abundance of positive changes from this healing for the weeks and months to come :) I am super grateful to Peter, and I am excited to learn more from him in the future.

K - Belgium - my firstborn


't was hel en hemel, rust en woede, pijn en zalving ... ik zocht een weg om mijn groot verdriet bij 't verlies van mijn eerstgeborenen te plaatsen, te voelen te zien zoals het was en is ... jij bracht rust door jouw healing, jij hebt me verbonden met mijn kind aan de overkant, jij gaf de kracht om door te gaan met het leven ... jij hebt Dries de weg getoond naar loslaten ... nu voel ik vrede en liefde en alles omvattende Goedheid ... ik ben je heel dankbaar ... nog steeds voel ik die innerlijke blijheid toen we samen zijn vlot op het water lieten ... dat gaf Dries de kracht om zijn weg verder te zetten ... zijn spirituele weg, los van de materiële wereld. Dank Peter, diep dankbaar . Namaste

Alina - Belgium - Reconnection with myself


I feel blessed, every time I meet Peter. After his tantric healing I really feel huge difference. I have now more energy to do things. I have less anger in my heart. My body is working better now:) my digestive system is getting back to normal. I have power to do yoga and everything is seems with more love. I really feel more connected to myself and to the universe. I love to come to Peter’s tent, it’s a place of magical power. And being next to Peter, listen to him for me it’s already a healing. The tantric healing ❤️‍ he did to me is such pure power and magic. It’s really working! Thank you God! I am so thankful for finding Peter! He is so real!

Andra - Romania - A genuine healing experience


I came to Peter at a time when I had lost my confidence and motivation in pursuing my spiritual path. After 6 months spent in an ashram in India (where I have experienced a big encounter with my Ego) and a huge change in my life (change of career, country, partner), I was lacking energy and motivation to move forward. I was questioning the use of doing my sadhana if I am still capable of responding with anger, jealousy, pride, guilt and lamentation when situations arise. I did the healing with Peter in person, and I felt amazing before, during and after it. Before, because Peter spent over an hour talking about the particular situation I came for, but also being interested to know me. That felt like talking to a dear friend. From his vedic astrology knowledge and his own vast experience in life and spirituality, he made me understand my problem from a totally different angle. The healing itself was amazing, and all I can say is that, although it is something that goes beyond rational understanding, Peter makes it feel so natural! At every step of the process I got clear indications and feedback, I felt safe and wished that would never end! Immediately afterwards I felt so full of energy, happy, free of any physical pains and completely at peace! I am writing now after a couple of months from the healing. I now do not judge my past reactions, I regained my confidence in my spiritual path and restarted my practices. I am more loving towards myself and this is visible in the better choices I make day by day! I feel very grateful to Peter and already encouraged all my friends that feel stuck in any way, physically, emotionally etc to ask for his help!

KLGD - Belgium - Bedankt Peter


Ik ging naar Peter omdat ik gedachten had die steeds terugkwamen. Gedachten over een mogelijk slechtlopend scenario, die niet zozeer op de realiteit, dan wel op een slechte ervaring in het verleden gebaseerd waren. Een zeer concreet iets: nl. een buurman die ons leven tot een hel maakte in het verleden (geluidsoverlast) en zelfs nadat we verhuisd waren, bleef ik schrik hebben dat ons dit weer zou overkomen met onze nieuwe buren. Dankzij Peter heb ik dit kunnen loslaten. Ik wil ook graag goed voor onze aarde zorgen, en daardoor was ik vaak kwaad of verontwaardigd over hoe/wat mensen sommige dingen doen. Peter gaf me spirituele pistes om hier mee om te gaan, waar ik nog steeds dagelijks mee aan de slag ga. Bedankt Peter!

Pala Anna - Belgium - Healings


Ik kom van ver. In de periode van de eerste healing was ik eigenlijk in een depressieve periode dat langer dan een jaar aanhield. Bij de eerste healing was ik onder de indruk van de setting: mooie bloemen, geuren, voorwerpen en verscheidene korte gezangen die samen een ritueel vormen dat teruggaat in de oerstevige hindoeïstische cultuur. Een paar dagen na de eerste healing voelde ik een beduidende vermindering van mijn somatische pijnen. Elke healing voelde anders aan voor mij. Via een kort voorgaand gesprek wordt Peter op de hoogte gesteld van de persoonlijke stand van zaken zodat hij specifieker kan werken. Een paar healings verder kan ik met vreugde zeggen dat mijn depressie voorbij is. Dat betekent niet dat alles plots perfect gaat. Ik oefen nog steeds aan mijn dagelijkse structuur en zingeving. Het grote verschil is dat mijn gedachten minder zwaar zijn en ik me ook niet meer misselijk voel door stress en angst. Naast de healing staat Peter altijd klaar voor een babbel en is hij nooit bang om zijn genereuze kennis en wijsheid in de Vedas te verduidelijken. Ik voel me altijd diep geraakt en aanvaard als ik Peter bezoek.

Halima - U.S.A. - Healing overthinking and nightmares


I struggled with multiple things that I asked Peter to help me with. I complained about procrastination, nightmares, and anger due to thinking too much. All of those issues subsided remarkably. I had nightmares as often as twice a night. Now, I have none. I can easily let go of my thoughts and stay positive. I have managed to complete tasks that I have put aside for so long. Thank you Peter for sharing your blessing with me.

Saraswathi - U.K. - Profound experience of healing by Peter


Im ever so grateful to Peter for the healing he did for me.I was very unhappy and desperate because of various unfortunate circumstances in my life.Happened to read about Leela yoga and healing by him.I needed healing on all levels.In the First session iself I felt very relaxed and peaceful and slept very well.Now Im perfectly fine except for my arthritic pain which he will cure.Already the pain is much less.When doing video calls..he gives you full attention and even gives more than the stipulated time.May he be able to heal more people like me.

Lisha - Belgium - Baby healed from negativ energy and bad sleep


When my baby was about 3 months old, some event happened with a very negativ spirit/energy that jumped on me and my son coming from a close friend. This happened while she was telling about her problematic relationship at that moment, after that her relationship got new life. (Something I would never expose my son to anymore and I regret not to hav be more carefull but good for her...) After that, this energy stayed around us for months, even I did many things to get it out of us, still it was attached to my babyboy. I contacted Peter and he helped my boy to Get completely rid of the external energy and symptoms that were related to that. He started to have better sleep, his eyes lighted up and got rid of a ‘grrr’broom sound that every time he did it, it gave me chills. I’m grateful to Peter and the healing spirits.

Véronique Weets - Belgium - Cured from dysplasia in esophagus


It has been confirmed three times in the past year that a small part of my esophagus was covered with intestinal mucosa instead of esophageal mucosa (the so-called Barrett esophagus). This is usually the result of years of reflux (due to the gastric valve that does not close completely, causing gastric acid to flow back and affect the esophagus). The analysis of three different biopsies done during three gastroscopies (over a period of about one and a half years) confirmed that there was at least low-grade and probably high-grade dysplasia in that mutated mucous membrane (the last stage before esophageal cancer is mentioned). I didn't know Peter personally yet, but I did know his brother John, and his numerous youtube presentations. I gathered my courage and went for a healing. Peter is a very accessible person, I immediately felt at ease, dared to ask and say anything... So it was only logical that I would see if a healing session could help. And yes, when in October 2020 the Barrett part of my esophagus was removed and thoroughly analysed, there was no trace of dysplasia any more. There was still a Tumour Marker - which means there was something in the past, but the dysplasia was gone. I can only say that it is certainly worth giving Peter the chance to heal you. It has worked for me, and I will certainly continue with other issues.

Luiz Fernando Purificação - Brazil - Amazing healing & coaching!


Peter helped me a lot with his healing and coaching. Through his coaching, I finally make peace with myself after a life of internal battles, and I started to put my life in order after years of being lost. And his healing is capable to heal things like my symptoms of bipolar disorder really fast. It's pretty amazing what such heal energies can do. Peter is on the other side of the globe and yet such energies can touch me easily. Peter is, no doubt at all, a very incredible human being. I only knew him through his videos and books, which are amazing. The first time I read his "The Yoga of Truth" was enough to see that his knowledge is something very above any expectation. A real genius, because he is able to share in such a simple way a very high knowledge. So, I was astonished by his teachings for years, and with several confirmations of what he talks about just following his methods of meditation and sadhana. And this year I became aware of his healing. An incredible tool on the same level of his intelligence. Like I said before, I have these symptoms of bipolar disorder following me for a long time. I already made so much trying to handle this condition. It appears as something that I just cannot defeat. I learned through the years to stop the "mental depression" because I could fall and fall in memories and negativeness. Even though, the physical aspect of it returns again and again, and I become very weak. I cannot do anything in that state. But even being so powerful such depression, it vanishes so easily with the healing of Peter. I hope many more people can be astonished by Peter like I was several times. I feel very blessed to have his help on my way!

Régine - Belgium - Peter's healing


When I enter Peter's puja room, I feel a clear presence, a fine atmosphere of energies, eager to serve. I came here with not too much expectations, since I healed a lot of my 'problems' myself by contemplation and meditation. I also dived deep into Ramana Maharshi's philosophy and asked myself a lot 'who am I?'. I found out that all of those problems we as human beings have, have nothing to do with our souls, but with our identification with who we are as human beings. I even sort of integrated this insight and feel quite in balance. Anyway, even though I had (and still have) a good insight in what causes those "troubles", I still felt something was holding me back to go the full way, also to speak out from that place, where I am who I Am as a soul. I didn't know what it was and didn't found it by searching it myself. By meditation, I cleared my mind and dived deep into who I am, but still... That was the reason why I gave Peter's healing a try. So, the healing atmosphere filled up my aura when I entered the puja room yet. I felt this 'presence'; a very soft energy, full of unconditional love, eager to help me further on, as it was saying 'Be at ease, just let yourself submerge... I'm here for you.' So I closed my eyes and let myself submerge into Peter's healing rituals with prayers, enscens, an egg, healing light and felt some things happen in my aura, mostly at the height of the throat chakra and third eye. I felt how I consciously let go all mind control and gave my energies in the 'healing energy' of Peter and mostly of his deity/deities since I felt their smoothing presence. After the healing, heading home in my car, I was really into euphoria, a feeling of spiritual 'homecoming'. That is the place where I want to be, this soft spiritual energy. I was so full of energy and slept not that much that night. I got up, very awake, at 4 o'clock in the morning and recited the Gayatri mantra till 6 o'clock. Felt so good! The following day, I didn't feel like 'going into the world.' I wanted to keep this energy, still feeling so close, during this day. I felt that it still worked through and that this was also really the purpose. I just opened up to anything that I felt and just let things happen. Strangely, the following days, circumstances, things I dreamt of since a very very long time, came my way, out of the blue. It was/is still astonishing. I myself had nothing to do with them as they came to me as sort of a present. After a week now, I still experience that beautifully opening up to anything coming my way, speaking up, not my mind, but my soul. Yesterday, someone even told me I emit light. What I felt was still holding me back, now feels as being released. Peter's healing definitely opened up a place, an energy, not that easy to put in words... It all feels very subtle, but still very strong. It's like my daily circumstances folds themselves around these fine, released energies now. Everyday, I receive small proofs some strong work has been done during this healing session. I feel so grateful to Peter, to his healing session and mostly to his deities, for I feel they do all the work. (Sorry Peter!;-)) Peter, with all his love to mankind, makes it happen as he offers his energy/energies to do the work, to let his deities do the work through him. Namasté. Ram Ram.

Dan J - U.K. - Works Fantastic !!


I was suffering from severe bouts of anxiety and other mental health issues, which lead to the feelings of hopelessness. I had known of Peter for a couple of years and felt he was a great teacher. I saw he was providing healing from a distance so i wrote to him over facebook. A couple of days after making contact, these intense feelings had dramatically decreased was unbelieveable and i could again think and feel more normally. I was abit skeptical at first but now totally believe.

Sven - Germany - Emotional balance


I just can highly recommend to do a healing with Peter. Peter did a healing fo me and it fixed the problemes we talked about. I found a new job and my emotional balance, that I lost for many years, came back. His authentic knowledge about Yoga and Healing impressed me very much and since then I work with him through coaching on improving my healing and spiritual journey.

Nancy - Belgium - de allermoeilijkste periode


Peter hielp me door de aller moeilijkste periode. Ten einde raad van verdriet en wanhoop ging ik bij hem voor een Healing. Wat ik moest verwachten wist ik niet, maar ik was er onmiddellijk op mijn gemak. Eindelijk kon ik vrijuit spreken over de dood en er ook al mijn vragen stellen. Vele vragen waar niemand het antwoord op weet, maar Peter kon dit koppelen aan oeroude kennis. Ook door zijn niet oordelende mind kon ik mijn donkerste gedachten delen en zo wat losser komen van het trauma. Daarna was er de Healing, een zeer krachtig vuurritueel. Deze ondersteunde me op een onverklaarbare manier. Er kwamen terug momenten van vertrouwen, verbondenheid en lichtheid. Tevens kreeg ik ook tips of mantra’s mee. Dankzij het vertrouwen die Peter me gaf in het spirituele pad, ben ik begonnen met dagelijks ademhalingsoefeningen en meditatie. Zo heb ik een ander leven kunnen opbouwen. Steeds dankbaar dat Peter en zijn Tantric Healings op het juiste moment op mijn pad gekomen zijn.

Aleeiah - U.S.A. - rare skills in the western world


I have had the pleasure of working with Peter multiple times over the years, and I’ve always been humbled by his sincerity and determination with his healing. Peter has extremely rare skills that are not often found in the Western world. He utilizes a unique blend of energy work, shamanism, tantric ritual, and intuitive medicine. He is lineage carrier of a rare line of Tantric shamanism by direct transmission and has been studying in Nepal for years. I have worked with many shamans over the past decades, but what Peter does is much more complex and has an immediate effect. I feel very fortunate to have found him through a friend, and will continue to work with him.

I - Netherlands - What the healing did for me


It healed my spiritual heart. It healed my head. I was able to sleep well again and 'my mental being' has returned completely. Peter's coaching was a tremendous help.


Leela is the ancient vedic name for the theater of life. Life in all its forms is an illusion behind which we can find the ultimate truth of pure Being. Yet life is also a divine theater, a spiritual game played by us, the actors. Yoga allows us to hold on to the bliss of truth while playing the game. And also this yoga is a game, which we can only take seriously if we do not take ourselves and this game too seriously. That is the meaning of Leela Yoga, nothing more, nothing less. So, Leela Yoga is a vision on yoga and also a name for a simple organisation that allows me to bring this vision into practice... more about Leela Yoga & Peter Marchand

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As the destination is the same for all, it is easy to make the error of assuming that the path must be just as universal.

The attachment that happens in the pursuit of happiness is the main source of unhappiness.

Don't think of going somewhere, because this somewhere will come along with you wherever you go, as you are already there.

Yoga requires unity between enjoyment and suffering, between bhoga and yoga, even between attachment and detachment.

How can anyone be "good" without a choice between good and bad?

While the mind creates the illusion of the universe through the senses, the intellect creates the illusion of understanding it.

When our day has been entirely ego-centered, then our meditation will probably have similar poor quality.

When the focus on the self is held strongly enough, the flow of kundalini energy happens on its own, naturally.

Tiptoe inside, don't make a sound, don't scare away that which cannot be found.

Enlightenment is nothing more or less than the final level of the game of life.